Mulching the Market Garden

We decided to use straw mulch in the market garden because it moderates soil temperature and holds in moisture (which will be very important as summer heats up). Plus, it will break down into some nice organic matter over the winter.

Here is the difference between mulched and unmulched soil. You can decide which looks better!

Mulch vs No Mulch.JPG


Chet and Jim delivered a load of straw bales to the market garden on Monday.

Straw Delivery.JPG


Jessica and Ginnette spent the day spreading mulch. But first, they had to weed. We swear there are potatoes in these rows!

Spuds in the Weeds.JPG


Oh, there they are!

Half Mulched Spuds.JPG


Jessica, Queen of the Straw Bale!

Queen of the Straw Bale.jpg


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